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Have you noticed?

Life is getting more and more impersonal and hurried. People are rushing around exhausted. We are trying to pack more into each day because we don't want to miss any opportunity. But many of us have a sneeking suspicion that we can't remember what life is really about. Many Australians feel very stressed, depersonalised and irrelevant. It's getting harder to find a place where you can slow down and ask the big questions of life.

There is another way to live!

At Armidale Baptist we know there is a better way to live. Life is to be lived with a clear sense of purpose while enjoying authentic, deep friendships. Armidale Baptist is a friendly, open church family that cares for people. We boldly and unashamedly introduce people to Jesus Christ - the true answer to life.

We have discovered that a life of authentic purpose is found in ...

Sharing the Love of Jesus Christ in Community

Armidale Baptist is a community where you will find ...

  • People who care
  • Values that enrich
  • Relationships that deepen &
  • Programs that connect
  • If you think there should be more to life than the daily blur then we are here for you!